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Preventing and Repairing Frozen Pipes in Your Michigan HomeMichigan area homeowners, from Utica to Farmington Hills, save money by preparing their homes before the cold winter months arrive. One of the most important aspects of winterizing your home is ensuring that its plumbing pipes are adequately protected from the freezing temperatures outside. Exposure to outdoor temperatures can cause the water inside the pipes to freeze and expand which usually results in a ruptured, burst or frozen pipes.

Homeowners can reduce or eliminate this occurrence by inspecting their home’s plumbing to identify and address potential problem areas.

• Insulate exposed or at risk pipes — those in unheated crawl spaces or attics — with foam or fiberglass sleeves sold at most hardware stores.
• Seal any holes in outside walls or foundations near water pipes to shield them from the freezing temperatures.
• Open a faucet slightly. This will allow pressure to escape in the event the water line freezes.

Even the most protected plumbing can sometimes freeze in the harsh Michigan winters. If a frozen water pipe is suspected,  the homeowner needs to act fast to eliminate or reduce potential damage.

• Turn off the water line’s main shut-off valve.
• Call a professional plumbing contractor to identify and perform the necessary repairs.

Homeowners seeking additional expert advice on preventing and repairing frozen pipes can contact Aladdin Heating & Cooling. Since 1945, Aladdin Heating & Cooling has proudly served Detroit and surrounding areas.

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