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The level of comfort you experience in your home is determined most profoundly by your heating and cooling systems.  You probably don’t give your furnace or air conditioner a second thought unless it fails on you.  However, by maintaining a habit of seasonal service from a licensed technician, you will benefit from a smaller chance of system failure and expensive repairs.  No matter what kind of system you have, don’t wait for it to fail before you call an HVAC contractor for service.

Gas-Fired Forced Air Heating

The filter on the furnace should be changed every couple of months, and the circulation fan should be oiled once a year at the start of the heating system.  A professional can check the condition of the heat exchanger, ducts and the burner.

Heat Pump

Only a yearly service call is required for this piece of HVAC equipment.  Your technician will inspect the wiring and oil moving parts, as well as examine the belts and filters, replacing them if necessary.

Oil-Fired Boiler

Yearly maintenance includes a flue cleaning, jet adjustment and fuel filter change.  Many times, an oil-fired boiler will require more than the basic yearly service to remain in top running condition.

Central Air Conditioners

These usually require very little maintenance to function properly.  At the start and end of the cooling season, you should clean the filters, lubricate the motor and clean out the unit in preparation for a season of cooling or storage.  When the cooling season commences, call a technician if the unit doesn’t seem to be doing its job properly.

Annual service for any of these heating and cooling units is usually less than $100, while costly repairs that can occur when you avoid preventive maintenance sometimes exceed $1,000.  The benefits of consistent annual service will be seen immediately once you start the habit.  For your next tuneup, replacement or repair, contact Aladdin Heating & Coolingfor service to Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties.

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