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How a Forced Air Furnace Keeps You WarmThose that live in the areas of Gross Pointe or St. Claire Shores know how harsh winters can be. Fortunately, the modern forced air furnace is more than capable of beating back the chills of winter and keeping your house warm, no matter what the temperature is outside. Despite the many different brands and models, the basic operations of a forced air furnace are largely similar.


A blower fan in the furnace sucks in cold air through the intake, which includes an air filter to remove contaminants such as dust and pollen. The air is then routed through a heat exchanger that warms it with gas- or oil-fueled burners. Once heated, the air is forced through the air handler by the blower fan, into a series of air ducts that have outlets, or registers, in each room. Air then cycles back to the furnace through return ducts. Newer, energy-efficient models include variable speed fans that reduce electricity usage and dual-stage burners that can use less fuel during periods of milder temperatures. Forced air should not be confused with central air, which is a whole-house air conditioner that can be added to a forced air system for cooling during the summer, using the same ducts and, often, the same blower fan.


A forced air furnace can quickly heat the entire house and do so efficiently, especially when using a newer model and a programmable thermostat. Airborne particles are removed during the programmable thermostat heating process, which helps asthma and allergy sufferers. Central air can be easily added for summertime use.


To operate correctly, the system requires regular maintenance, including air filter changes and a thorough inspection of all components. When the system is running it can be noisy due to the fan and, sometimes, heat may not be distributed uniformly. Installation costs can be high, though the systems last for many years afterwards.

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