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How Fans Can Increase Your Summertime Comfort Without a Surge in Your BillsWhether you’re looking to cut costs on a high-efficiency HVAC system or looking to make up for the shortcomings of one that can’t keep you comfortable, careful usage of fans throughout your home can make a huge difference through the summer months. The ceiling, ventilation and various other fans throughout your home can be put to great use keeping your home comfortable.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans should be a staple of any home cooling scheme. It’s important to keep them running even when you’re using your air conditioner. They equalize the air in a room, creating a column of air which hits the ground and expands outward, mixing hot and cold air. This helps compensate when your HVAC system creates inefficient layers and pockets of air.

Attic fans and ventilation

As you pursue relief from the heat, don’t overlook attic ventilation. If your attic is very hot, that heat will radiate down and keep your home hot as well. A combination of properly maintained soffit vents to allow air in, and attic exhaust fans will send warm air out. This will keep your home cooler—and make it so your air conditioner doesn’t have to fight against the extra heat. Proper ventilation of your attic and vents will also combat ice dams in the winter and mold problems all year round by reducing moisture.

Exhaust fans

Air conditioning systems help dry moisture, so you can help your A/C by using ventilation in otherwise moist areas, such as your bathroom and kitchen. Install exhaust fans, vented to the outdoors, to get rid of stale air, fumes and moisture.

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