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Prepare for Colder Weather With These Fall Home Maintenance TasksFall is here, and that means winter can’t be far behind it. Michigan homeowners will soon be thinking about warm fires, wool sweaters, hot cocoa and heating bills. Is your home prepared for winter? There are a number of fall home maintenance tasks that you should complete before the temperature drops, to keep everything running smoothly and avoid any mid-winter emergencies. Here are a few items to help you start your to-do list:

  • Have a professional inspect your ducts. Duct leaks are a common issue, and can overwork your heating system, while leaving parts of your home uncomfortably cool. Make sure your ducts are thoroughly checked for leaks and blockages.
  • Schedule yearly maintenance for your furnace. Many homeowners assume that the furnace doesn’t require any maintenance unless there’s a problem, but yearly servicing can keep problems from occurring and keep your system running more efficiently. Be sure to schedule your fall maintenance visit early, before the busy season starts for your HVAC professional.
  • Make sure your windows are sealed. Poorly-sealed windows can have a large effect on indoor temperature, especially in winter. Purchase storm windows to help insulate, or use cheaper plastic sheeting kits available at hardware stores.
  • Eliminate air leaks. Air leaks can drive up your heating bills and keep your house from maintaining a comfortable temperature. Search for cracks or gaps near any electrical outlets, fixtures, doors, baseboards and windows, and seal them immediately with caulk or spray-foam insulation. If searching the house for air leaks seems intimidating, schedule an appointment for a home energy evaluation, instead, and let an expert do the hard work for you.
  • Inspect the exterior of your home. Household problems can be exacerbated by snow and ice, so get all those small fall home maintenance tasks on the outside of the house done before it gets cold. Check gutters for clogs or loose areas, and make sure there are no cracks or leaks, or missing shingles or bricks.

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