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Why Exhaust Ventilation Is So Important to Your Indoor ComfortMost of us have an idea of the importance of good insulation: your home is kept warm and you save money. Especially here in towns like Novi and Bloomfield Hills, winters are harsh and insulation valued. Less understood is the vital importance of exhaust ventilation in a well-insulated house. Because insulation restricts air flow in and out of the home, you need good exhaust fan ventilation to guarantee healthy air.

Exhaust fans are mechanical devices typically affixed to the exterior of your house, pulling stale air out of your home and allowing fresh air to take its place. Adequate exhaust ventilation circulates out pollutants including smoke, pet dander, dust mites, mold and mildew. Exhaust ventilation also prevents common activities such as showering, cooking and washing clothes from dramatically increasing indoor humidity.  High humidity, of course, is uncomfortable and can damage furniture.

There are several exhaust fan options:

  • Ceiling-mounted exhaust fans are often used for ventilation, drawing stale air through the roof and expelling it out of the home via a duct connecting to an external vent.
  • Another option is an inline exhaust fan, installed in rooms without access to a nearby external vent – the air is pushed through a duct for longer and is eventually forced out of the home. Inline exhaust fans are a good alternative when a ceiling fan is impractical.
  • Fans are also commonly installed above a kitchen stove or even outside the home. In choosing exhaust fan location, consider how often the room is used and whether there is already considerable air circulation due to a door or window.

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