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Energy-Saving Basics to Share with Your ChildrenEnergy costs are rising in many regions, and homeowners are quickly learning the value of going green. Reducing your Bloomfield area home’s energy use can save a lot of money on your utility bills, often without making any major changes to your routine. Many parents find it difficult to lower their household energy consumption, since we’re very busy most of the time, and it can often be difficult for children to understand the concept of conservation. There are, however, a number of energy-saving basics that your kids should have no trouble learning. Here are a few energy saving basics that you can teach your children:

  • If you aren’t using it, turn it off. Both children and adults are often guilty of leaving electronics running when they aren’t in use. Help your kids learn to turn off the television, computer, or video game system as soon as they’re finished with it.
  • Take shorter showers. We all know that showers use less water and energy than baths, but it’s important to keep the showers quick. Extra water heating costs can add up, so remind your children not to linger too long with the water running.
  • Try to have fun without electricity. Kids are great at finding creative ways to occupy themselves outside or indoors. Unplug the electronics, and challenge your children to use their imaginations for entertainment. Keep some board games, books or other easy, energy-free tasks on hand for the times when they’re feeling a bit stubborn.
  • Flip the switch when you leave the room. Many of us leave lights on when we move to another room, assuming that someone else will turn them off, or that we’ll be right back. Turning lights off is an easy task for children, and, after a bit of reminding, you may find that your kids are the ones turning lights off when you forget.

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