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Ever Had an Energy Audit? It May Be Time to Consider OneMost homeowners are wary of wasting energy. Having a home that isn’t highly energy efficient will leave you with high energy bills and an HVAC system working in overdrive. Luckily, an energy assessment will allow you to pinpoint the worst energy wasters in your home so that you can correct them.

What Is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is an assessment that consists of evaluating the main components and systems in your home that relate to energy use. The auditor will examine the inside and outside of the home for air leaks, insulation issues and equipment inefficiency. It’s not a bad idea to regularly do a home audit by yourself, but it’s recommended to call in a professional auditor occasionally to find all the major issues in your home.

The Basics of an Energy Audit

Many audits begin with a walk around the exterior of the home to look for gaps or holes that may indicate air leaks. A similar process should be conducted inside the home, paying careful attention to doors and windows. When looking for air leaks specifically, a professional can perform a blower door test. This test involves depressurizing your home in order to see where air appears to rush in the fastest.

Another main area of auditing involves insulation. Insulation condition and thickness in walls should be checked, as well as the most important area where insulation is concerned — the attic. An HVAC professional will use an infrared imaging device to test for significant heat leaks. This is best checked in the winter when there’s a significant temperature difference between the inside and outside of the home.

There are other smaller but common sources of energy waste as well. An auditor will inspect ductwork, furnace and A/C condition and function, as well as the major appliances in your home.

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