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Telltale Signs That The Ductwork In Your Home Needs AttentionThe ductwork in your home may be a throwback to an era when low construction costs, not energy efficiency, was the builder’s prime consideration. Ductwork and equipment may have been installed with a “one size fits all” approach instead of properly matching all components according to the duct’s capacity and your home’s cooling and heating load.

Today, years later, you could be paying a high price for compromises made during a bygone era of lower utility costs. Studies show that the efficiency of existing ductwork in your home may be as low as 65 percent. That means over a third of the money you’re spending for cooled or heated air is wasted.

A great deal of duct dysfunction can be hidden in the attic and wall-spaces. It takes an inspection by a trained HVAC technician to fully evaluate the status quo. However, here are a few signs that may mean the ductwork in your home needs attention:

  • Ductwork routed through unconditioned zones of acute temperatures should be insulated. Thermal losses of over 20 percent can occur in areas like a hot attic, where temperatures may exceed 150 degrees. If you see bare metal ducts in the attic, basement or crawl spaces, it should be wrapped in duct insulation rated R-6.
  • If you notice flexible ductwork that is torn or crushed, particularly in storage areas like attics, have the system inspected.
  • Segments of hard metal ductwork may work loose over time, sometimes disconnecting entirely and spilling conditioned air into an attic or inside walls.
  • A cost-cutting measure of past construction methods was to seal structural channels in the home — such as the space between studs inside wall voids or between ceiling joists — and utilize that channel as a substitute return duct instead of installing suitable metal ductwork. This method may leak conditioned air. Leaks may also suck contaminated air into the ducts and disperse it through the home.

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