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How an Occasional Ductwork Inspection Can Help You SaveA HVAC system has a network of ducts that cool and heat your home. Ensuring these ducts are sealed properly is extremely important, or you will be inviting problems. Improperly sealed ducts can not only increase your cooling and heating costs, they also can pose health issues. This is the reason ductwork inspection is so important.

Importance of Sealed Ducts

If you think sealed ducts are inconsequential, think again. Here are some of the reasons why you should get an occasional duct inspection to ensure the ductwork in your home is sealed tight.

  • Keeping Dust Out: If the ducts are not sealed, dust will enter the joints and make its way into your home. Dust causes poor quality indoor air and also leads to respiratory problems and allergies.
  • Keeping Cooled and Heated Air Inside: Whether it is summer or winter, the right home insulation can keep your home comfortable and reduce the cost of using a heating system and air conditioner.
  • Minimizing Entry of Microorganisms: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stated that leaking ducts are one of the contributors to respiratory problems and lung cancer.

There are few things you can do yourself before you call in a professional to perform ductwork inspection.

  • Keep a close watch on the air vents. If you observe dust, debris and cobwebs coming out, there is a problem with the duct. It is clogged and requires professional cleaning.
  • While waiting for the professional to arrive, unscrew the vent plate and use a flashlight to check inside the duct. If you see signs of bugs or mice (look for their droppings), you will need a professional exterminator to clean the ducts.
  • Check the ducts for mold growth. You should be able to identify the growth by the dark spots on the surface of the ducts.

Do not attempt to correct major problems with the ductwork. Instead call a trained and qualified professional to perform ductwork inspection, cleaning and sealing.

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