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Want to know the secret to achieving whole-house efficiency? When combined, heating and cooling represents the overwhelming majority of energy consumption for the average home. Using high-efficiency HVAC equipment helps to save energy, but even highly-efficient machines are only as efficient as the delivery system that sends the produced heating or cooling to different areas of the home. In most cases, this delivery system is the ductwork. There are three ways you can help boost your home’s duct efficiency which will impact your heating and cooling costs.

Most ductwork systems are susceptible to energy losses — up to 20 percent, in fact. That means that in the average home, only 80 percent of the heating and cooling you pay for is actually delivered to the living spaces. Therefore, taking steps to reduce energy losses can pay off — year round.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Seal air leaks – Air leaks are one of the primary ways that energy can escape from ductwork. Because ducts are comprised of a series of pipes joined together, they are vulnerable to gaps and cracks that allow air to seep out. Sealing leaks is a relatively simple job, and most homeowners should be able to perform this task. Purchase duct sealant, called mastic, and apply liberally around the joints.
  • Insulate – Because ducts are generally manufactured with metal, they are prone to conduction. This means that they will lose energy through the material, particularly with ducts that are located in spaces that don’t receive conditioned air, like basements, crawl spaces or attics. Insulating the portion of your ductwork that’s located in unconditioned spaces will help prevent heat transfer.
  • Get professional help – Because you can’t access all of the ducts in your home, as some portions of the system will travel through enclosed ceilings or walls, it’s helpful to have an expert evaluate the system.

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