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Do You Know Why It's Important To Regularly Replace Or Clean Your Furnace Filter?The average American spends a vast majority of their time inside. If this describes you, the quality of the air inside your home is obviously important for your comfort and health. How frequently you change or clean your furnace filter could spell the difference between clean air with low utility bills and dusty air with higher utility bills. Here are the specific reasons why it’s important to replace or clean your furnace filter regularly.

  • Health: Your furnace is responsible for circulating the air around your home, and inside the unit is the furnace filter. All the air you breathe in your home travels through this filter before it re-enters the living space. Failure to maintain a clean filter means particles can no longer be trapped effectively, thus allowing them to circulate back into your air.
  • Energy Consumption: When the furnace filter is clogged with dust and other particles, your furnace is forced to work harder to get air through. That means you could be paying more to heat your home than you need to be.
  • Furnace Lifespan: Because your furnace works harder when the filter is clogged, it wears out sooner. A worn out furnace results in costly repairs and replacements that could easily be avoided with regular filter cleaning or replacement.
  • Housework: All the dust that is captured by a clean furnace filter prevents you from needing to clean the drapes, upholstery, windows and walls as often because they stay cleaner longer.

There are different kinds of filters for home use, including fiberglass, electrostatic and electronic filters. In order to appreciate the benefits of a clean furnace filter, you should clean or replace it every one to three months, no matter which kind you choose. Change it more frequently if anyone in your home suffers from respiratory problems and allergies, if you have pets or if anyone in the household smokes.

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