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DIY Water Heater Maintenance: 3 Steps You Can TakeHaving your water heater go down is never fun. It can toil in silence for many years, keeping your house supplied with hot water until the morning you wake up and all that comes out of the shower is cold water. Routine maintenance, such as draining your tank regularly, can keep your water heater running right, and may also tip you off to problems on the horizon.

First, test the pressure-release valve, which is a brass fitting on the top. It is designed to open when the pressure in your tank rises. Lift it and allow it to snap back. You should hear a gurgling sound, and water should come out. If nothing happens, or the valve does not snap back, it should be replaced. This test should be done once per year.

Next, you will need to drain your water heater. Over the life of your unit, water flowing into the tank deposits sediment. Too much buildup can prevent the tank’s drainage system from working properly, causing your water to become discovered and even corrode the tank

Before you drain your water heater, determine if yours is gas or electric. Whatever the source, turn it off until after you have drained the unit.

  • Connect a hose to the drain valve, and run it to a nearby drain or outside your home.
  • Slowly open the shutoff valve so that water begins to run. The water may look rusty and sediment-filled.
  • Run the water until clear, about five to 10 minutes. Close the valve and disconnect the hose.
  • Power the unit back up.

After a flush, you will not have hot water for several hours, so schedule your water heater maintenance accordingly. This flush should be done every six months.

Finally, adjust your water heater’s temperature to between 115 to 125 degrees. This makes water hot enough for most uses, and reduces energy consumption, prolonging your unit’s life.

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