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When the temperatures plummet, and sleet, snow and ice become increasingly common sights in Michigan, a radiant heating system will keep your home warm and inviting with great efficiency and little to no long-term maintenance. It’s usually best to consider a radiant heating system if you are building a new home, or undergoing a remodel of an existing house. Nonetheless, a heating expert can analyze your needs and devise a plan that works for your specific structure and budget, regardless of your plans for your new or existing residence.

Radiant heating systems are not limited to in-floor installation; in fact, heat can be directed to radiate from wall panels or even ceilings. Each of the various systems, however, operates on the same principle — the transfer of warmth from a hot surface to interiors via the basic radiation of heat.

Consumers can choose from several different types of radiant floor systems, including a below-floor system of electric cables (electric radiant flooring); heated water pumped from a boiler through tubes woven in a pattern beneath the floor (hydronic radiant flooring); and radiant air floors (where heated air is pumped through the flooring construction).

The advantages of radiant heat are numerous and include the following:

  • They are more energy efficient and therefore more cost-effective than baseboard units or forced-air systems, which can leak precious heat if the ductwork is not properly sealed.
  • Because most radiant heating systems do not involve the movement of air, they are a healthy choice for people who suffer from allergies exacerbated by airborne particulates.
  • Liquid-based (hydronic) radiant systems require little electricity and the savings will be reflected on your utility bill.
  • Radiant systems deliver consistent warmth throughout a home and can be powered with various energy sources, including boilers (gas-, oil- and wood-powered) and solar water heaters, making them an extremely flexible investment.

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