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Should You Run a Dehumidifier in the Basement During the Winter?During the winter, your basement in Farmington Hills can trap moisture, especially if it doesn’t have adequate exposure to natural sunlight or heat. This can easily lead to the formation of mold in your home. A great way to reverse this trend is to use a dehumidifier.

There are a few things to remember when installing a dehumidifier in your home. Normally, if your humidity levels are over 50 percent during the winter, this could lead to mold growth. Make sure you monitor the humidity levels in your basement before running a device. This can be achieved by using a humidistat (or hygrometer).


Dehumidifiers are not very effective in extremely low temperatures. This is because dehumidifier coils attract water vapor, and if the temperatures drop too low — below 42 degrees Fahrenheit for example — the vapor would freeze, damaging your machine. This equipment works best in temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

A good alternative for a dehumidifier in these low temperatures is an electric heater. When used frequently in a day, an electric heater can reduce the water vapor in your basement.

Relative Humidity Levels

Always remember to frequently monitor your dehumidifier during the winter period. In the case of dangerously low temperatures, or if humidity falls below 30 percent, make sure you turn off your device. Alternatively, get a dehumidifier that allows you to set a humidity threshold, below which it can automatically turn itself off.

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