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Consider a Humidifier to Combat Dry Winter AirWinter is here. For families in Michigan’s Farmington Hills and Oxford areas this, of course, means gray skies, chilly temperatures and the inevitable snowfall. As you cuddle up indoors on long winter nights, remember to offset the dryness your heating system causes with a humidifier.

Dry winter air contributes to dry, cracked skin, sore throats, allergic reactions and the proliferation of flu, as well as static electricity. A humidifier adds moisture to your cozy home to keep everyone healthy and more comfortable. When shopping for humidifiers, consider the four different types:


A tabletop humidifier is a portable option ideal for humidifying a single room. They are light and easy to move from room to room. Tabletop humidifiers draw water from an attached refillable tank. They plug directly into the wall for easy use and maneuvering.


Tower humidifiers are slightly larger than tabletop models. They are designed to sit on the floor and will humidify a larger area than tabletop models. A larger tank means refills are needed less frequently than smaller models.


Console humidifiers are larger, heavier and less portable than tower or tabletop models. They are designed with a large tank and more power to humidify several rooms at a time. Placed in a central location in the home, a console humidifier will add moisture to several rooms at once.


Also known as in-duct or online humidifiers, whole-house models run right through your forced air heating system. They connect directly to your water lines so you never have to fill the unit with water. Whole-house humidifiers offer energy efficiency and ease-of-use, but they must be professionally installed.

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