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Clogged Condensate Drains: Get Them Unclogged, but Stop It at the SourceEach summer in Michigan, your air conditioner is likely to combat both heat and humidity, especially if you are near one of the many lakes, rivers and other waterways crisscrossing the state. Fortunately, air conditioners, besides cooling the air, are built to remove moisture as humid air flows over the evaporator coil and condenses, dripping into a pan underneath, and then draining through a dedicated condensate line. Unfortunately, clogged condensate drains are common and can cause your A/C unit to stop working as well as introduce water damage into your home. However, by cleaning out the drain periodically, you can avoid these issues and help your air conditioner to continue performing optimally.

Causes of blockage

There are many things that can cause clogged condensate drains including:

  • Dirt, leaves and twigs
  • Mold, mildew, and other fungus
  • Algae buildup
  • Insect nesting, spider webs and carapaces
  • Other forms of animal debris

It makes no difference whether you own a quaint lake house on the shores of Lake Orion or are in a more urban area like Berkley or Detroit, because these problems can creep up on you virtually anywhere.

Cleaning offers a solution

Fortunately, clogged condensate drains can always be serviced. In order to do this, power down the A/C and then locate the tail end of the drain to clear it of any obvious blockages. Plastic tubing or a cleaning brush can be maneuvered inside the pipe to clear any blockages deep inside. The brush and tube treatment can be repeated for the drain opening located inside the unit. Afterward, a shop vac can be used to vacuum up any standing water in the drain pan and finally, a water and bleach solution can be applied with a turkey baster down the piping in order to disinfect.

To deal with this process in the right manner, you should call on the experts at Aladdin Heating and Cooling. We have been proudly serving Southeast Michigan since 1945 and can ensure that your condensate drain will trouble you no more.

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