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Here's How Your Home's Comfort Systems Should Work in SyncWhen you think about heating and cooling your home, do you realize all the components that are necessary to perform these tasks? Your furnace and air conditioner can’t keep you comfortable all by themselves. All of your home’s comfort systems must work together in order to do the job. 

Many comfort systems in your home are interconnected and depend on one another to deliver comfort to your living spaces. These systems include your:

  • Furnace
  • Air conditioner
  • Ventilation system
  • Duct work
  • Insulation
  • Windows and doors

In order to maximize energy savings in your home, these systems need to be working in sync with one another. Viewing these systems as one system with interdependent components, or taking a whole-house approach, considers how the condition and performance of each part affects the other. When one component isn’t working properly, the efficiency of the others decreases.

Choosing high efficiency heating and cooling equipment is a choice many homeowners in Farmington Hills and Oak Park are taking to save energy and cut costs. From the whole-house approach, upgrading to high efficiency heating and cooling comfort systems will only be as effective as the other components which they depend on. Take a look at how your whole house affects efficiency:

  • Once conditioned air is produced by the heating and cooling systems, it moves into your duct work for delivery to your living spaces. Leaky ducts allow this energy to escape, so your heating and cooling equipment won’t actually be as efficient as you expect.
  • When conditioned air arrives in your living areas, it depends on your home’s insulation to help keep it there. When insulation is lacking, your home loses its heating and cooling energy at a quicker rate, so your comfort systems must work overtime to maintain comfort levels.
  • Your windows and doors also help keep this energy inside your home. Cracks and air leaks can allow conditioned air to escape your home and cause indoor comfort to be affected by outside conditions.

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