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Common Central Heating Problems & How to Fix ThemTo keep the central heating system of your Farmington Hills home working efficiently, you should have it serviced annually. This way, the most common central heating problems can be averted before they occur.

Depending on the type of heating system operating in your home, there are a few different central heating problems that can crop up even though you’ve have the unit properly serviced. Oftentimes, you can troubleshoot these little glitches yourself.

Here are five common central heating problems you might encounter and what to do if you should experience these issues.

  • If, when turning on your furnace you get no response, you should first narrow down the cause. If your system’s not getting electrical power, your circuit may have tripped or been inadvertently shut off. This may be an issue when your system is running for the first time this heating season. Make sure your thermostat is set “on” and turned up high enough for your furnace to kick on.
  • A gas furnace requires an operating pilot light. If your light’s gone out, relight it. It should burn with a strong, blue flame. If your flame is weak or yellow, you need to call a professional. A weak pilot light indicates a potential carbon monoxide hazard.
  • If your furnace is producing some heat, but not as much as normal, you have have a blocked or leaking duct. If your heating system contains radiators, they may need to be bled to remove trapped air.
  • Leaking ductwork is common in older systems and blockages can be caused by rodents or insects. These problems require the services of a professional.
  • A malfunctioning thermostat will cause your furnace to display erratic behavior since it can’t properly read your home’s current temperature. You may need your thermostat re-calibrated or replaced.

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