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5 Common Central Heating Problems & How to Fix ThemCentral heating problems can be a real cause of worry, especially during the freezing winter months. Most central heating problems result from irregular usage. As such, turning on your heating system at regular intervals, even during the warmer months, can help prevent some of these problems.

Here are five common central heating problems and how to fix them:

Central heating not working, and there’s no hot water: Make sure power is on and that the fuse to the boiler hasn’t blown. The system may also stop if there’s a fault with the gas supply, the boiler is broken, the heating pressure is too low and when the heating temperature is set lower than the current temperature of your home. You can easily fix most of these issues. If you suspect that your boiler is broken, call your HVAC contractor.

Central heating system is working, but there’s no hot water: Make sure your thermostat is set to 60°F. If your system uses a motorized valve, ensure that it’s open. Also, bleed your air-valve if you have one. You can find this on the pipe that enters the heating coil.

Radiators are not heating uniformly: In this situation, find the radiators that are affected, and bleed them appropriately. For radiators that only heat at the top, but remain cold at the bottom, call a plumber, so they can flush out any sludge that might have accumulated inside your radiator.

Noisy boilers: Hissing, banging and popping sounds coming from your boiler may point to serious problems, ranging from buildup of scale to low water pressure caused by frozen pipes. Call an HVAC professional immediately for help.

Leaking boiler pipes: Leaking pipes are not just annoying, they also result in huge water bills. To remedy this issue, identify the source of your leak, and see whether your pipe needs sealing or replacement.

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