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If you are a homeowner you know that it is not unusual for your boiler to act up, especially during the colder months of the year when it’s getting a real workout.

One of the most common issues is that it is not producing either heat or hot water. This is most often caused by problems with the thermostat. Other possible causes include not having enough water in the boiler or valves that are not working properly.

Another common issue is the dripping and leaking of water. To determine why this is happening you have to know what part of the boiler is leaking.

If you hear a weird banging noise coming from it, you are not going crazy. Boilers will often make these unexpected noises if the water pressure is lower than it should be. Sometimes air is responsible for making these noises.

If the pilot light stops working, it may be because the thermocouple is broken. A broken thermocouple may mean the gas is not supplying the pilot light. You may need a new pilot light, but before buying one, check to see if it simply needs to be cleaned.

It is common for boilers to lose pressure. The pressure relief valve may have stopped working. If this is the case you need to purchase a new one.

If the condensate pipes have frozen a blockage is created and you will need to get a plumber to fix it.

An old thermostat can also cause problems. Often it will not be able to read the temperature correctly. It also is known to turn heat off and on at will.

These are the most common issues you are likely to encounter with your boiler. Most of them can be easily fixed by a professional. To book an appointment to have a professional come to your home, contact Aladdin Heating & Cooling.

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