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Why Attic Ventilation is a Concern Year-Round for Michigan HomeownersWhy do you need year-round attic ventilation? Most homeowners know attic ventilation helps diminish the buildup of heat in the summer months. What you may not know is that ventilation can provide year-round benefits — even in the dead of winter.

Some of the concerns that inadequate attic ventilation may cause:

  • House is too warm in the summer, as the attic heats up
  • Too much heat in the attic causes damage to the roof
  • Moisture builds up in an airtight attic in the summer months and can lead to mold problems
  • In the winter, the hot air from the heating system rises and warms up the attic; snow melts on the roof, while freezing along the edges at night causes damaging ice dams.

Attic ventilation systems allow circulation of cool air that helps to remedy these situations. This in turn helps protect the house from damage, lowers energy consumption and provides increased comfort all year long.

The goal of attic ventilation

Installing a ventilation system will allow uniform airflow throughout the attic, keeping your home evenly cooled in the summer and preventing moisture formation in the winter. Different types of these systems are:

  •   Fixed  ventilation
  •   Ridge vent systems
  •   Roof louver systems
  •   Power fan systems

Some basic rules should be observed to create a ventilation pattern where intake and exhaust are working in balance in your attic. These include:

  • Exhaust vents should be placed near the ridge or right on it, to remove hot air efficiently.
  • Intake vents should be placed at the attic’s lowest point, near the edge of the roof or in the soffit.

This arrangement creates conditions for maximum airflow in the attic. Both exhaust and intake vents need to be placed where they can receive continuous airflow. Intake vents should also be positioned so there is likely to be little exposure to rain or snow — perhaps in the soffit area.

If you feel cold in the winter and hot in the summer and suspect inadequate attic ventilation might be the reason, call the professionals at Aladdin Heating and Cooling, in service since 1945.

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