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Helpful Tips to Improve Your Furnace's AirflowWhen air doesn’t flow properly through your home during the winter, your heating equipment is forced to work harder and longer, wasting energy and costing you money. By learning to improve your furnace’s airflow and seeking the help of an HVAC professional, you can handle any issues properly and efficiently.

What to Be Aware of

There are a number of different ways airflow can be impeded. Before you call a professional, take a look at these possible culprits:

  • Filter: When a filter is clogged with dust and other debris, airflow will slow down. Filters with metal frames or plastic parts can be cleaned, whereas paper ones must be replaced when they get dirty.
  • Return grill: Removing the dust from your return grill on a regular basis can improve airflow and keep dust from entering your air.
  • Vents: If a vent is blocked by furniture, boxes, etc., this not only impedes proper airflow, but it also creates a fire hazard as well. You should remove any obstructions immediately.
  • Ductwork: Even the best ductwork can develop holes and tears over time. Joints can also become disconnected. If these issues aren’t fixed, a lot of energy will be wasted, driving up monthly bills.
  • Blower motor: Your blower motor may be malfunctioning or it may simply need to be cleaned. A broken or stretched belt may also need replacement.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional

Since your furnace is such an important component influencing your home’s comfort level and overall energy efficiency, it’s important that a bit of expertise be applied to some issues that might crop up. An HVAC technician can ascertain the possible problem and get your furnace’s airflow back to its proper performance level.

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