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What About an Air Purifier to Clear the Air in Your Home?If you’ve noticed that you’re dealing with more respiratory problems, poor indoor air quality in your home may be to blame. Pollutants in your home can even lead to the development of asthma and allergies, so it is important to filter the air that circulates throughout your home to promote good health. Investing in an air purifier is one way to achieve the goal of better air quality.

Types of Air Purifiers

When you start to look for an air purifier, you will notice that there are different types of filters used in these purifiers. Understanding how each type of filter works to get pollutants out of the air can help you determine which purifier will work best for your needs.

  • HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters are most common. The biggest benefit of a HEPA filter is that it catches mold, dust, pollen and other allergens. People who suffer from allergies might choose a portable purifier with a HEPA filter; installing a HEPA filter in the average residential HVAC system will necessitate extensive modifications.
  • Carbon filters absorb gases and odor-causing pollutants.
  • Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation air cleaners kill bacteria and viruses. These air cleaners, which also target mold, destroy the DNA of the pollutants so that they cannot reproduce. They can be installed in the ducts so that they irradiate incoming air or near the evaporator coil, where conditions may be moist and mold may grow.
  • Ion and ozone generators create particles that bond with pollutant to eliminate them from the air. One problem with this type of air purifier is that it simply attracts pollutants to a specific area rather than eliminating them.
  • Mechanical filters that are placed in the ductwork in your heating and cooling system are ideal for catching large dust or allergen particles. However, small particles are still able to circulate into the air in your home.

Indoor Air Quality Experts

Are you ready to invest in an air purifier to help you and your family breathe easier? Contact the indoor air quality experts at Aladdin Heating & Cooling to get a free estimate!

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