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Choosing the Best Air Filter for Your Warren HomeThe air filter’s job in a heating and cooling system is to protect system components, such as the coils and heat exchanger, and to improve your indoor air quality. As the filter gets clogged with air particles over time, the airflow is reduced putting added strain on your system. This may lead to costly repairs and even a system failure. 

Choosing the best air filter for your HVAC unit is the best way to maintain peak energy efficiency. If you have done any construction lately in your home, this is especially important. Even if you take precautions during a remodeling project, some dust and debris will find a way to enter your ductwork.

The efficiency level can differ greatly from one filter to another. The industry standard for measuring air filter efficiency is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value or MERV rating. The numbers run from 1-20 with higher numbers being the most efficient. There are several types available at home improvement centers.

  • Disposable fiberglass filters – These are the most inexpensive and less efficient filters. A thin, single panel construction with cotton filter material enables the filter to trap large particles, but small pollutants can pass through and enter your air circulation. The MERV rating is 1-4
  • Disposable pleated filters – A folded design provides a large area for capturing small and large particles. Changing the filter regularly is important, due to superior filtering ability. The MERV rating is 6-12.
  • Washable filters – Time-consuming maintenance is necessary to maintain the efficiency which makes this an unpopular choice with homeowners. A filter that is still damp when installed can lead to the formation of mold. The MERV rating is 1-4.
  • High-efficiency filters – The dense cotton filter material gives this design of filter extreme filtering capability.  This design can restrict airflow through the system. Homeowners with special air quality concerns can benefit from high-efficiency filters. The MERV rating is 13-16.

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