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3 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for the SummerAs important as it is to have a good furnace during the winter, it’s a summer must-have to keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape. While you’re off enjoying beautiful Lake Orion, you’ll want to know you’re coming home to a cool, comfortable space. Here are 3 air conditioner maintenance tips to keep you ice-cold this summer.

Clear Debris from your Outside Unit

Your outside HVAC unit probably wasn’t looked at during Winter, and chances are some debris has built up over time. Start by clearing leaves and any tree debris from the unit, and sweep excess dirt from around the base.

Safety is a priority, so you’ll want to cut off the power to prevent an electric shock. Once the power is off, use a hand brush to carefully clean the top and sides of the unit, and remove the top to clean the inside as well.

During maintenance of your unit, it’s important to not damage the fins surrounding the condensing unit because you may restrict air flow and cause your unit to overheat.

Inspect and Change your HVAC Filters

This tip cannot be stressed enough, especially during Spring, when your filters are likely to become the most clogged. During the colder months when your home is sealed up, pet hair, dirt, and dust are likely to build up in your filter. Changing your air filter every one to three months ensures better air flow and a more efficient unit.

Check Condensation Lines and the Condensation Drain

Over time, sludge will form in your condensation lines. The sludge can collect in one part of the line, creating a clog and causing water to gush back up into the air conditioning drain pan. When the drain pain overflows, the problem becomes highly noticeable. To prevent this, check your lines and clean them twice a year.

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