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7 Air Conditioner Parts That Help Your System FunctionHomeowners in the greater Detroit metro area certainly appreciate the cooling comfort their air conditioners provide during the heat of summer, but probably never give thought to all the working parts that are required to keep their homes comfortable. Here are seven of the air conditioner parts necessary for keeping your home cool all summer long. 

  1. Thermostat. Your thermostat monitors your indoor temperature and turns your system on or off as necessary. Most systems don’t have a variable cooling output, so temperature is regulated by cooling the house to a certain point and then turning off the system entirely until it warms enough for the A/C to be needed again.
  2. Evaporator. Inside the evaporator coils, liquid refrigerant evaporates into a gas. In order for it to do that, it has to absorb heat from the air around the coils, meaning that the air cools precipitously.
  3. Blower. Now that the air has been cooled, the blower fan moves it through the ducts and replaces it with more warm air from various parts of your house. The cool air in the ducts is pushed through the ductwork and emerges from vents in your living areas.
  4. Filter. The air coming into your A/C that surrenders heat to the evaporator coil is drawn in through the system’s air filter. Without the air filter, the air might carry dust that would gather on the evaporator, forming an insulating layer – one which would prevent your indoor air from giving up its heat.
  5. Compressor. As the cooled air is distributed by the blower, the heated refrigerant is pumped through the refrigerant lines by the compressor.
  6. Condenser. Outside, the condenser turns the evaporated refrigerant back into a liquid. This expels the heat that it was carrying so it can go back and pick up more.
  7. Fan. The warmed air is blown away from the condenser to disperse in the outdoors.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Sebastian Kaulitzki/Shutterstock”