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The 3 Top A/C Terms You Should Understand Before Shopping for a New OneWhen you’re visiting a new culture, it’s usually helpful to learn a few words in the native language. The same holds true when you go to buy a new air conditioner. The terminology and acronyms can feel overwhelming if you’re not prepared ahead of time. Learn these top A/C terms and the culture shock won’t feel as shocking.

COP (Coefficient of Performance)

The coefficient of performance is the ratio of power output over power input in a unit. Measured in Watt, a higher number means greater efficiency. You want the amount of power the air conditioner requires to be as close to the amount of power it produces as possible for it to be an efficient model. A one is the highest rating, indicating no power at all is “wasted“. COP can be applied to heating or cooling.

EER(Energy Efficiency Ratio)

By contrast, the energy efficiency ratio measures productivity over time. It, too, is a ratio that determines performance efficiency, but it measures the output of cooling energy rather than the output of electrical power.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

The last of the top A/C terms is SEER, the seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Like the EER, SEER measures output cooling energy over electrical input. However, unlike EER, it measures the efficiency over a season of time in which the temperature varies. (EER is measured in stable conditions.) This gives the buyer an idea about what to expect long term from the unit.

Each measurement is unique and accompanied by a complex formula, but each measurement indicates how efficiently your new air conditioner will run for you.

If the acronyms and formulas are too much to digest, feel free to contact the professionals at Aladdin Heating and Cooling. We make it our job to understand the language of efficiency.

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