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Did Dirty A/C Coils Cost You This Past Summer?If your air conditioning system is running inefficiently, the problem may be dirty A/C coils. How do you know if your system is having problems with efficiency? The most common sign is a high cooling bill. Understanding the role that the coils play in your system can help you learn why you should hire a professional in Warren to clean them.

What Air Conditioning Coils Do

Air conditioning coils are located in the evaporator and the condenser in the system. These coils are both essential in the proper function of a cooling system.

  • The indoor evaporator works to absorb heat from inside the home and transfer it to the condenser.
  • The outdoor condenser that changes heated gas to a liquid and thus releases the heat from the home to the outdoors.

The Problem With Dirty A/C Coils

Clean air conditioning coils are needed to ensure that your system is able to maintain maximum efficiency. Here are the reasons that you should make it a priority to keep your coils clean.

  • Dirty A/C coils hold heat instead of transferring it as intended. This causes the coils to consume more energy to provide cooling.
  • Coils that are dirty are less able to keep your home cool. You may notice that certain rooms throughout your home are warm, or you may notice that your air conditioner is not able to cool to the temperature that you prefer.
  • Neglecting dirty A/C coils can lead to permanent damage in your system. If you do not maintain your system to prevent this problem, you will be faced with the high cost of a total replacement.

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