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A/C Coil Cleaning: Why You Should Have It DoneThe hot days of summer are coming to Michigan. That means it is time to make sure that your cooling system is ready for another summer season. Getting your air conditioning ready requires a good A/C coil cleaning.

Air conditioning units have two different types of coils: the evaporator and the condenser. Coils help to cool your home by absorbing the heat from the outside air. This constant exposure to the outdoor air causes them to become dirty and covered with pollen and dust. Coils need to be cleaned on at least a quarterly basis, or as often as every month in the most extreme cases. Without the proper cleaning of these coils, a homeowner will waste money on an inefficient air conditioning unit due to a reduction in the capacity of the heat transfer of the unit’s coils. Dirty A/C coils may also become a host to a variety of molds and bacteria that negatively affect the health of you and and your family.

There are many ways to clean your air conditioning coils. Depending on the level of dirt, you may want to start of with applying a mild detergent to your coils and allowing it to sit a short time. Then use a soft-bristle brush to remove any buildup on the coils. If this does not completely remove the gunk on your coils, you can use a pressure washer. Be careful when you are using a pressure washer; it is easy to damage the coils or other components of your A/C unit. Special A/C coil cleaning chemicals are available for really tough jobs, but extreme care must be used when applying them.

For really dirty coils or systems that require frequent cleaning it is easiest for the homeowner to let a professional take care of his A/C coil cleaning needs. The HVAC experts at Aladdin Heating and Cooling have been serving Southeast Michigan since 1945. With many locations and a new location opening in Novi, Aladdin is ready to assist you. Contact us for more information.

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